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Iabout-us-pic1 started to write songs when I was 8, having like most little girls, loved to sing and dance about at the drop of a hat.
But, as I became more accomplished on the piano, I started to form chords and melodies and by the age of 12, I was writing fully formed songs...
Taking my early influences from Kate Bush, Toyah, Fleetwood Mac, Carpenters to name a few.

My early recordings have a strange eclectic sound, and are completely original and very complex.
about-us-pic2For such a young person, some of the subject matters were quite alarming, I remember my Mom saying gently to me after she'd sat and listened to one of my new songs, "Darling, that's a bit... disturbing".
I think my auntie Pam letting me stay up late to watch Hammer House of Horror when I was so young, had seeped into my subconscious. (My mom would never let me watch it) All these influences came out in my words and music.

By the age of 15 I'd recorded 3 demos in the studio with a fantastic producer, and great friend John Adams, but felt I wanted to sing in a band and have players around me, and have that live feel onstage. So in music class in school I'd teamed up with Paul, Ken, Scott and Mark and joined their band... and it was fantastic fun. We'd formed "The Exit",and in my local area of North Wales our young , enthusiastic band proved very popular. We produced 2 EP's, toured, recorded loads and had a large dedicated following. My good friend Paul was definitely the leader of the band and his passion and love for the music was steadfast.

Being part of a band was fantastic, but my piano called me back and I started to write seriously around the age of 21 ...Treating songwriting as a job, I would work 9-5 writing songs then move on to recording them. It was then that I had fantastic help with my music from a great musician and friend Steve Allan Jones, we worked together on a project called "The Deans Daughter" which was great fun and very rewarding...working with wonderful players including Martin Wilding whose amazing talent as a guitar player was awe inspiring...

Moving to London for a short time produced probably some of my best work, the old saying" Great art comes from great sorrow" unfortunately for me proved to be true. So, gratefully hurrying home to the sea... I then set up my own studio, and started again.
"Hidden Orchid Studios", has been my saving grace, my piano sits proudly amongst extremely technical and posh looking stuff, and as I sit and play... I smile.......

Over the years I've been very lucky to have worked with wonderful, talented musicians... Too many to mention, but i would like to thank you all very much, I will always appreciate the time you gave for my music... Let the music play on...

God bless

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